YouTube or Vimeo channel – listen in podcast format

I’m a big fan of podcasts. Since I’m spending some time driving my car or using public means of transport, I have some time each day to listen to my favorite podcasters. I also subscribe to a few channels on YouTube and I was struggling with the problem that I have to use YouTube app to watch these videos – even if there is nothing to see there and I just want to listen. The problem with the YouTube app is that you have to have your screen on. I don’t like it. I simply want to listen to my favorite authors.

Podsync – the solution I was looking for

One of the authors pointed me to the solution I was looking for – it is Podsync. This website allows you to grab the URL of the channel you want to convert and turn it into the URL you can use in your podcast player. How does it work? Let me show it on the example of the YouTube channel. Please note that you should focus on the channel, not on the single video.

When using your computer, you can simply go to your favorite YouTube channel and copy the URL of the page (something like – please note the “channel” in the URL. You want to convert the whole channel, not the single video. As the next step, you can simply paste this URL on the Podsync website and click the arrow. The site will generate new URL for you. You can now open your Podcast app and add new podcast using this URL instead of the library.

How to do this on my phone?

Here is the example of how to do this on iPhone, on the Android phone it is almost the same. First, open the YouTube app and find the channel you want to convert. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the page.

In the menu you will be presented, select Share -> copy link. Open the Podsync website and paste the link into the field. Click the arrow icon and you will obtain the link to the podcast. As the last step open your favorite podcast app and add a new podcast. You should use “Add URL” option because such podcast will not be visible in the library.


In the basic, free version, Podsync is creating the feed with the 50 newest videos on the channel. If you want to extend this number, or if you want to thank the creator of the app – you should consider a donation on Patreon. This will also give you an option to select the quality of the recording and the conversion of audio feeds of various types.

Happy listening!