Property Owner is not available for Database

I noticed a strange error recently. When trying to access the properties of the MS SQL database using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, I received this error:

“Cannot show requested dialog. Property Owner is not available for Database”. It was interesting – each database should have the owner set.

Fortunately, the queries are still working for such a database, so I opened the query editor and used sp_helpdb to see what is stored in the Owner property:

sp_helpdb [my_db_name]

As the result, I got the information that the Owner is set to ~~UNKNOWN~~. In such a situation, the next step was to set the proper owner to the database:

USE [my_db_name]

The owner was set properly, I was able to check it again using sp_helpdb and I received this result:

As you can see, the owner is set to the user of ‘sa’. Once this adjustment was made, I was able to open the database properties window.