Pending update countdown in Ubuntu 22.04

Have you noticed such a message recently?

It is letting you know that snap is unable to update a particular application – in my case – snap-store. The behavior of snap changed with the recent version of Ubuntu, and now it tries to remind you that your application is waiting for an update. In such a case, you should close the application and snap will do the rest.

Unfortunately, in my case, snap-store is not visible anywhere to be closed. So I had to use terminal to handle this. First, I checked what is the PID (Process identification number) of the app, waiting to be updated:

sudo snap refresh snap-store

Please note that I used the snap-store as part of the command. If the notification you see indicates a different application, use its name instead. The result was:

error: cannot refresh "snap-store": snap "snap-store" has running apps (ubuntu-software), pids:

So, it gave me the information that snap-store has running apps and the list of PIDs (in my case – only one – 4200. I stopped the process by:

kill 4200

Now, I was able to trigger the update manually:

sudo snap refresh

As a result I got:

snap-store 41.3-66-gfe1e325 from Canonical✓ refreshed

The application is now updated 🙂